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Get more results with innovative App Store Optimization, designed to help your app stand out in a crowded field.



Pre Launch

It’s your countdown to launch! But before you go live, we’ll make sure you have everything in place to maximize search traffic, and get your message out from the very beginning.



Burst Campaign (for free apps only)

Start marketing right away with a Burst Campaign with guaranteed downloads. We’ve got it all covered, from email marketing, to reviews and outreach to ensure results.



Guaranteed Placement on App Review Websites

Get mentions outside of the app store, with real reviews on the most influential app review websites.

From $499.00


App Store Reviews

Genuine reviews on the app store will add to your credibility and increase your rank, and encourage your visitors to make an informed decision to buy or download your app.

From $160.00


PR Campaign

Professionally written press releases, distributed to all the right outlets, will enhance your launch with media attention and maximum visibility.



Blogger Outreach

Bloggers hold tremendous influence over what sells and what doesn’t. Securing a mention on the most influential blogs will give you the traffic you need to succeed.

From $150.00


App Preview Video

Research shows that video sells apps. A creative and professionally designed app video is the perfect way to communicate your value to just the right audience.



App Screenshot and Icon Design

Your app icon distills everything about your app in a single, small image. A meaningful and creative app that is instantly recognizable will advance your brand and increase downloads.



App Display Site Design

Creative and compelling display site designs for your smartphone app promotes more brand recognition, and ensures you don’t get lost in the shuffle.


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